The British rulers modeled Nuwara Eliya on an English Village in the early 19th century, with homes and buildings in styles from Georgian to Queen Anne. It is based on 1890 meters (6199 ft) above sea level. Cool rugged and picturesque, it is set in the heart of the tea country. Throughout the surrounding you will come across beautiful waterfalls cascading hundreds of feet down mountainsides. One of the biggest attractions in Nuwara Eliya is the 18-hole golf course, one of Asia’s finest.

A few miles from Nuwara Eliya is a prominent peak, Hakgala. At its foot lies the “Hakgala Botanical Gardens”. The gardens are smaller and less exotic than those at Peradeniya, but at 5600 feet elevation the species of flora are quite different. The sheer rock of Hakgala (“Jaw Rock”), which rises 1500 feet straight up above the gardens, is said to have been carried here from Himalayas in the jaws of Hanuman, the mythical monkey General who helped Prince Rama rescue Princess Sita from the demon king Rawana in the Ramayana epic.


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